PRCA Social Media Policy

Before reading the full social media policy below, please see these bullet points for clarification. This policy is not intended to prevent PRCA contestants or fans from sharing videos of runs or rides on social media:


The PRCA believes the reach provided through available social media platforms will continue to not only benefit the organization, but the sport of rodeo as well. However, to maintain the integrity of the membership and its cowboys, the PRCA has enacted a social media policy. This policy is not to be viewed as restrictive or intimidating, but rather as a guideline to keep the PRCA along its ascending path in both growth and mainstream popularity. Social media is a powerful tool to reach those far and wide, and we hope that PRCA membership, cowboys and fans will continue to use these tools in an effort to promote the PRCA and the sport of rodeo in a positive way.

Membership, cowboys, and fans are asked to abide by the following rules:

The following is prohibited: