About the Stampede Rodeo

The Valley Center Stampede Rodeo is one of only a few remaining non-profit rodeos in the nation, and it is organized solely by volunteers. With no permanent facilities available, the Stampede Rodeo Committee has taken on the monumental task of raising high quality rodeo grounds out of dusty hay fields since 2002, with costs reaching nearly $90,000. The rodeo committee takes great pride in the development of the rodeo grounds each year and regularly receives accolades from participants about the quality of their arena.

In addition to the high costs associated with not having permanent rodeo ground facilities, is the uncertainty from year-to-year of where our rodeo will be located. For many of those years, a local land owner generously granted us the use of his land conveniently located next to the Valley Center Community Center, where the community festival has been traditionally held. However, due to the sale of that land in 2018, we were once again in search of a site for the rodeo grounds. The Valley Center Water District came to the rescue and generously agreed to let us set up the rodeo grounds on their land across the street from our previous location. Once again, the community spirit of our quaint little town is evident through the generosity of our local people and organizations.

With a site secured, the 2018 Stampede Rodeo will mark the 17th year of bringing quality rodeo entertainment to our town and the neighboring communities of North San Diego County. This year we are proud to announce that the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) has sanctioned the Valley Center Stampede Rodeo as a professional rodeo. As such, we will be bringing the first-ever professional rodeo to Valley Center!

The Stampede Rodeo is part of a community-wide effort to celebrate our town’s patriotism and western heritage over Memorial Day Weekend. It has been made possible by the year-long efforts of the volunteer rodeo committee, the sponsorship of the Valley Center Optimist Club, the dedication of local volunteers, and the generous donations from local businesses and Indian Tribes. All committee members and organizers are volunteers and there are no paid positions associated with the VC Stampede Rodeo. Additionally, local organizations host other patriotic, western-themed events over the days leading up to Memorial Day and the spirit of community is ever present as we all share a common goal of bringing our community together for this annual tradition.

We are always looking for additional volunteers and financial support. If you are interested in volunteering or becoming an event sponsor, please contact us today.

Rodeo Board

Festival Committee

Rodeo Queen

One of the highlights of Western days each year is the crowning of the Valley Center Rodeo Queen and Junior Queen. The new Valley Center Rodeo Queen is crowned each April and represents the Valley Center Stampede Rodeo each May. To learn more about the pageant and see the current title holders, please visit the Rodeo Queen site.